Friday, December 28, 2012

How Many Have to Die For Warner Brothers to Wake Up

How Many People have to Die in order for Warner Brother to Wake up ?!!

I am Sorry but they have gone too far with this. We are the fans and we demand that warner brothers bring back babylon 5 with the same actors. We are not star trek or star wars. They are killing Babylon 5. We want BluRay and HD Versions of the Show. We want the Trilogy to be completed. The fans will raise money to by the franchise from them.

Here are the list of actors who died from Babylon 5:

- Richard Biggs ( 2004 ) Dr. Stephen Franklen
- Tim Choate ( 2004 ) Zathras
- Andreas Katsulas ( 2006 ) Citizen G'Kar
- Jeff Conaway ( 2011 ) Security Chief Zack Allen
- Michael O'Hare ( 2012 ) Commander Jeffry Sinclair / Valen
- Turhan Bey ( 2012 ) Emperor Turhan

This is Really Sad. How can the Fans Stand and do nothing ? Someone must act. Imagine that you will die today never completing your work. Never seeing your dreams be a reality. Thats not fair. And we had enough of Warner Brother Bullying. Ether they Respect us or they will Sell the Copyrights to someone who cares.

I care , you care. We all care. Because Babylon 5 is a University for Politics. For Ethics for Science Fiction for the Law of Attraction For Romantic For Adventurers For Drama. Its For Everyone. The first show that ever explained the Cryptic World of the Law of Attraction.

Can you Ever forget the Great Speeches of Babylon 5 ?

Every time i watch it i learn something New. Every year i have 27 days to watch babylon 5 with my Notepad or iPad. I get ideas. I understand more about wars and politics. I understand the world better thanks to Babylon 5.

Every Book , Every DVD , Every Movie. i Have it all. And u should think about having it aswell.

Warner Brothers. I spent over 5000 USD sending them letter and contacting PR Agencies and agents to try to convince them to bring back the show for the last 5 Years.

Time to Stop Talking and Start Doing.

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