Monday, November 11, 2013

We Have Won #FreeBabylon5

We Have Won,
Babylon 5 Fans are The Greatest , After JMS Started the Hashtag to Bring Babylon 5 Back to Air #FreeBabylon5 . The Fans brought Back B5 Back to The Air in UK .

The Fans Again Brought Babylon 5 to the 2nd Place on only Topped by Braking Bad, Friends Series is the 3rd.

2 Great Victories and more to Come.
You have Did This , it is each one of you loyal fans who have brought Babylon 5 Back to life .

Show Your unwavering support on

You Do Count , Each and Everyone of You.

Best Regards,
Mohammad Bahareth

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tomorrow : Babylon 5 - 20th Anniversary Special Edition Book

Babylon 5 - 20th Anniversary Special Edition Book

The retail price—the final price the book will be sold for—is $134.
HOWEVER, during the debut discount period (the first 7 days the book is released) the price will be $88.

From seeing aliens on a break to a look inside both the prop and costume closets, from lunchtime on the set to a backstage pass for the last day of shooting, and even intimate glimpses of J. Michael Straczynski directing "Sleeping in Light," this section turns the cameras around and shows the cast and crew in unguarded moments.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day On Echoes of All Our Conversations Books Limited Edition

For Just Almost 500 USD or Less , You Can Get Everything on Babylon 5 From Staff & Crew , Within 24 Hours it will not be Available for Ever. This is a Very Rare One Time Opportunity for Babylon 5 Fans .

Just Simply go to

Shocking Truth : 22 Death's in Babylon 5 Cast & Crew

We Have Asked : How Many People Have Died ?

The Answer Was Truly Scary , No Show i know has Lost so many people and yet had so many talents .

Watch The Video , Remember Babylon 5 and Keep The Hashtags Alive :

Thursday, February 07, 2013